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I am a Computer Science Student

A developer intern at Centre d'acquisitions gouvernementales and a Champlain College Computer Student graduating in winter 2023.

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Who Am I

About Me

I am a computer science graduate who is currently a part of the development team in the CAG (Centre d’acquisitions gouvernementales). With a passion for learning and exploring new technologies, I am driven to continuously improve my skills and knowledge. Eager to take on new challenges and opportunities, I am confident that my strong work ethic and dedication to success will enable me to excel in any environment. I value my relationships with family and friends, and enjoy spending my free time reading books, traveling, and discovering new cultures and places.

Professional Skills

my Talent

○ Framework & C# base code

○ Best practices for developing .NET applications (security, performance, and debugging

○ Create desktop/GUI applications in C# using WPF

○ Design and code using a layered architecture

○ Implement applications that utilize databases

○ Knowledge of LINQ (Language Integrated Query) for querying data in .NET


○ Development of web applications using the MVC pattern

○ Creation of dynamic web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

○ Deployment and hosting of ASP.NET applications

○ Implementation of security features

○ Integration with other technologies (AJAX and RESTful web services)


○ Installation and setup of Node.js

○ Overview of npm 

○ Node.js event-driven architecture

○ Building web servers using Node.js and express.js

○ Implementing RESTful APIs

○ Using Node.js for real-time applications


○ Setting up and managing a SharePoint site

○ Customizing the look and feel

○ Creating and managing content, such as documents, lists, and pages

○ Integrating SharePoint with other Microsoft tools and services


○ Basic syntax and data types

○ Control structures (if/else, loops, etc.)

○ Functions

○ Modules and libraries

○ File handling

○ Exception handling

○ Basic data structures

○ Algorithms and data analysis

○ Database connectivity


○ Installation and Configuration

○ Data Modeling and Design

○ CRUD Operations

○ Data Indexing and Aggregation

○ Integration with  Node.js and Python

○ Use of MongoDB tools like MongoDB Compass, MongoDB Connector, and MongoDB Atlas analysis

Database Admin

○ Control structures 

○ Functions

○ Modules and libraries

○ File handling

○ Exception handling

○ Basic data structures

○ Algorithms and data analysis

○ Database connectivity

Microsoft Office

○ Basic syntax and data types

○ Control structures

○ Functions

○ Modules and libraries

○ File handling

○ Exception handling

○ Basic data structures

○ Algorithms and data analysis


○ Basic structure and syntax of HTML

○ Headings, paragraphs, lists, links, images, tables, and forms

○ HTML elements and attributes

○ Basic CSS integration for styling HTML content

○ Best practices for HTML coding and development

○ How to make a simple website

Power Platform

○ Dataverse

○ Power Automate

○ Power BI

○ Power Apps

○ Power Virtual Agents:

○ Integration with other Microsoft tools

○ Preparing for Power Platform PL-900 certificate



○ Build and render components in React

○ State management, handle and pass data between components

○ Event handling 

○ React hooks to manage state and component lifecycle events

○ React Router for navigation and routing between pages

○ Integrating React with APIs and data sources


○ Fundamentals of Visual Basic Programming

○ Automating Tasks in Microsoft Office

○ Writing Macros

○ Debugging and Troubleshooting

○ Customizing User Forms

○ Interfacing with Databases


Computer Science program

my projects
Web Application
Signature Auto Detailing

A MongoDB, Node.Js and React.Js website for a car detailing business

See project
Web Application
Pet Clinic

A Spring Boot (Java) and Angular.js web application for a vet business to consult accounts, visits, pets, appointments and billing.

See project
Mobile App
Recipes App

A mobile app that uses the API spoonacular to display random recipes and add them to favorites.

See project

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